Dog Spa Services

Available 7 days a week, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

What vacation isn't complete without a trip to the spa? Treat your dog to a spa day on top of any boarding or daycare stay! Our groomers will provide your dog with a relaxing bathing experience and send them home smelling fresh and clean!


Basic Bath: Bath & 10 minutes of brushing (air dry)
Small: $19 Medium: $24
Large: $31 Extra Large: $39

Essential Bath: Bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, 15 minutes of brushing, and a blowout
Small: $34 Medium: $39
Large: $46 Extra Large: $55

Tooth Brushing: $9

Basic Brush:
Small: $ Medium: $6
Large: $17 Extra Large: $55

Furminator Treatment:

Deshedding treatment for any type of coat, it helps to pull out the hair that he/she is shedding and reduces shedding for up to 6 weeks after.
Additional Charge to an Essential Bath
Small: $8 Medium: $13
Large: $17 Extra Large: $21

Specialty Shampoos: Oatmeal – Hypoallergenic - Bright White - $5

Nail grinding: Use a dremel to file the nails down - $15.00

Nail trims: Trim the nails using clippers - $12.00

Small: Under 25lbs
Medium: 26-50lbs
Large: 51-75lbs
Extra Large: 76lbs and up