Dog Spa Services

Available 7 days a week, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

What vacation isn't complete without a trip to the spa? Treat your dog to a spa day on top of any boarding or daycare stay! Our groomers will provide your dog with a relaxing bathing experience and send them home smelling fresh and clean!


Basic Bath:

Includes: Bath, brush, towel dry and ear cleaning

Small: $25
Medium: $30
Large: $35
Extra Large: $40
Giant: $45

Essential Bath:

Includes: Bath, brush, blow dry, nail trim and ear cleaning

Small: $40
Medium: $45
Large: $50
Extra Large: $60
Giant: $70

A La Carte

Nail Grind: $15
Nail Trim: $12
Nail Polish:$5 (Free with Pawdicure)
Teeth Brushing: $5
Ear Cleaning: $3
Blueberry Facial Scrub: $5
Anal Glands: $8
Specialty Shampoos: $5
(Oatmeal, Brightening, Odor Eliminator, Hypoallergenic)


Includes: Nail grind, paw trim, paw balm and optional nail polish


Furminator Treatment:

Deshedding treatment for any type of coat

This shampoo, conditioner and brushing treatment reduces excessive shedding by releasing the undercoat during your dogs bath.
Available to add to any Essential Bath or Full Groom

Small: $10
Medium: $15
Large: $20
Extra Large: $25
Giant: $30

Small: 1-25 lbs
Medium: 26-50lbs
Large: 51-75lbs
Extra Large: 76-100 lbs
Giant:101+ lbs