Apple Creek Kennel FAQ's

How do I get my dog started boarding at your kennel?

How do I get my dog started boarding at your kennel?

First off you will need to schedule your dog for a meet and greet! The meet and greet is a 20-30 minute tour of our facilities with you and your dog. This gives your dog a chance to get in the building and get to know the surroundings to help them be more comfortable before their first stay. It also gives you a chance to see where your dog will be staying and lets us get to know your dog's personality. Before you come in for your first stay we will need their updated vaccination records with the Bordetella, Distemper and Rabies vaccinations and will also need the completed boarding agreement forms which you can fill out here or bring with you to your meet and greet. The goal of the meet and greet is to help you and your dog become more comfortable with the staff, building and ask any questions you may have.

To get started give us a call at 319-784-7372 and talk to one of our staff members!

I've never boarded my dog before, what is the kennel environment like or what should I expect when coming to your facility?

Your dog will have their own individual kennel (appropriate to their size) with space to stretch out, relax and call their home while staying with us. We provide comfy blankets for your dog to lay on along with food and water bowls. Our facility is climate controlled with air conditioning and central heating with vaulted ceilings to help circulate air flow. The kennel areas are divided into 7 smaller rooms to ensure your dog has a comfortable and relaxing stay. Soft, relaxing music is played in each area of the building to create a calm environment.

What do I need to bring with my dog for their stay?

In order to keep your dog from getting an upset stomach we request you bring your dogs food from home to keep them on their same every day diet. Food must be in a Ziploc bag divided up by meal or in one bag and we measure each meal out. We ask that you bring your dog on a secure leash and collar for the safety of your dog and other dogs. We can have a lot of traffic moving through our lobby and even though your dog may be friendly, not all dogs are.
You are welcome to bring as many or as few things from home to make your dogs stay more comfortable. A favorite blanket or one of your t-shirts is a great way to help them feel more at home when staying with us. You may also bring your dogs favorite treats, toys or chew bones to give them something to do while relaxing in their kennel. Keep in mind though your dog may chew or have a thieving neighbor while they are here so items from home may be damaged during their stay.

What vaccinations do I need before boarding my dog?

What vaccinations do I need before boarding my dog?

For either a day stay or overnight stay, we require your dog to be current on the Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccinations. We will not need a copy of your vaccinations before your meet and greet, but will need a copy before their first stay or daycare day with us.

How often will my dog have access to go to the bathroom?

Your dog will be let outside, individually or with their sibling, at least 5 times per day. Staff members are constantly moving throughout the building during the day to keep an eye on your dog and checking to see if they need to go out before or after designated let out times. We are staffed 24 hours a day so our overnight shift is available in case your dog needs to go out during the night or has any other concerns needing attention.

Can my two dogs be boarded in the same kennel?

For safety reasons, we keep every dog in their own individual kennel. Your dogs will boarded in kennels next to each other giving them the ability to lay next to each other and see each other while in the comfort and safety of their own kennels. If your dogs are in daycare, they will be put in the same groups unless otherwise specified by you.

 Do you require deposits when booking a reservation?

Do you require deposits when booking a reservation?

We only require a deposit during the holiday periods. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time your reservation is made. If you do decide to cancel, we will refund your deposit as long as we can fill your dogs' reserved kennel.

2019 Deposit Required Dates:
Spring Break 2019: March 15th-March 24th
Easter 2019:April 19th-April 21st
Memorial Day 2019:May 24th-May 27th
4th of July 2019: July 3rd-July 8th
Labor Day 2019: August 30th-September 3rd
Thanksgiving 2019: November 27th- December 1st
Christmas & New Years 2019-2020: December 20th-January 2nd

What if I need to cancel my dogs stay?

We understand not everything in life can be planned and unfortunate events can interrupt your plans. Please give us a call as soon as you know to cancel your dog's stay.
Our cancellation policy is as follows:
•From Labor Day to Memorial Day (except during holiday dates) there are no cancellation fees. We only ask you give us a call and let us know your dog will not be joining us for the scheduled reservation.
•From Memorial Day to Labor Day (except during holiday dates) we require a 72 hour notice of cancellation or there will be a $50 cancellation fee.
oWe can waive or refund your cancellation fee if we are able to book your dogs reserved kennel.
•During holidays we require a non-refundable 50% deposit. If you need to cancel, we will gladly return your deposit as long as we can re-book your dog's kennel.

Can my dog have bones while they're kenneled?

Can my dog have bones while they're kenneled?

You are more than welcome to bring your dog a bone from home to help pass the time while they are relaxing in their kennel. If your dog is not used to having a bone with meat chunks on it, it can upset their stomach. We welcome most real bones and Nylabones but, we will pull out any bones we deem unsafe for your dog due to splintering, chunks falling off or if it is too small. We DO NOT allow rawhides as they are a choking hazard!

What if I forgot my dogs' food or I didn't pack enough food for the entire stay?

If you didn't pack enough food we will contact you first to see if someone can bring more, but will contact your emergency contact as well. If you forgot your food you can have a family member or friend drop it off for you if you are in a rush. In both instances we can run to the store and pick up some more, but it will result in an added $25.00 trip charge to your invoice along with the cost of food.

What if my dog has medications needing to be given while they are boarding?

We are able to administer medication your dog may have at no extra cost. Trained staff members are assigned to give medications throughout the day to ensure it is given at the needed times. Please bring the necessary items for us to administer the medications (examples: cheese, peanut butter, pill pockets, deli meats or bread). Medications are given during the following times unless it needs to be given at a different time:
• Morning Meds: 6:00 am to 6:30 am
•Mid-day Meds: 11:30 am to 12:00 pm
•Evening Meds: 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm

What if I forgot the items needed to administer my dogs' medication?

Pill pockets are available for purchase just ask a staff member at drop off. You may also have a friend or relative drop off anything you might need. Our staff members are trained on how to pill a dog in case they will not take their medication or you don't have anything with you for administration.

What happens if my dog gets sick during their stay?

What happens if my dog gets sick during their stay?

Medical emergencies can happen while your dog is boarding with us and our staff is prepared to handle the situation should it arise. As the pet owner, you will be notified right away and have the ultimate choice of whether we take your dog to the vet or not. If you are unable to be contacted we will contact your emergency contact. If either you or your emergency contact cannot be reached we will do what is best for the pet in the case of an emergency. Heartland Animal Hospital provides care for any of our dogs if your personal vet cannot get them in at the time. If after hours we will contact the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center if it is an emergency.

Will my dog be able to stay at ACK if they are aggressive around strangers and/or other dogs?

We will gladly welcome dogs of all breeds and temperaments and will do everything possible to provide a safe place for your dog. Our knowledgeable staff members are able to read your dog's body language and determine their temperament to ensure the safety of both dog and handler, even if your dog is not used to strangers handling them. There are specific kennels and areas around the building that allow your dog to be let outside and inside without them having to be leashed by a stranger until they are more comfortable. Having an aggressive dog does not mean we will leave your dog in the kennel unattended for the whole stay. For safety, straightening your dogs kennel, refilling water and feeding will take place while your dog is outside or in daycare. Our management staff members are there to handle the most challenging dogs to ensure the safety of your dog and our staff.

Will my dog be allowed in daycare if they are aggressive or afraid of dogs or strangers?

We have staff only daycare where your dog will only play with a staff member to avoid interactions with other dogs. If your dog is unsure about strangers or aggressive toward strangers our staff will take extra care to move slowly and make your dog as comfortable as possible. We will not force your scared or aggressive dog to do anything they do not want to do. We will always take great care in your dogs comfort level and safety.

You're staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week...what happens during the night?

Our overnight staff cleans our non-dog areas, sends you email updates with pictures of your dog and monitors the dogs for anything they may need overnight. If your dog has a medical condition, needs to use the bathroom more often or has a fear of storms our overnight staff moves through the building quietly while your dog is sleeping to make sure everyone is comfortable.

How clean is your facility?

How clean is your facility?

Cleanliness is a top priority here at Apple Creek Kennel and we pride ourselves on when you tour our facility, you will see and smell how clean our facility really is. Before your dog arrives their kennel will be cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom with cleaners specialized for the kennel/boarding industry and are safe for your dog. The containers your dogs' belongings are stored in while your dog is here are also sanitized daily. We spray down all of the outdoor runs daily to ensure they are clean and fresh. Since dogs are let out individually, we pick up after each one before letting the next one outside. We do continual walk-through's to ensure no food or water is spilled and there are no messes.

I see you offer daycare while boarding, what does it include and how does it work?

While boarding your dog has the option to get out and socialize with other dogs with the same temperament or with just a staff member. Dogs are grouped into small groups by a trained staff member who recognizes dogs personality traits and finds the dogs that are the right fit for your dogs' play style. A trained staff member or two are placed in each group to monitor play and interact with your dog. Your dog will never be left unattended with other dogs as a staff member is always present during daycare sessions. Groups get out at least 3-4 times per day for 12 minute sessions of play with either other dogs or just a staff member. We have determined 12 minutes to be the perfect amount of time for play sessions as to keep the dogs from getting too tired and to keep the dogs safe. There are so many stimulating activities to do in daycare, they always go home tired!

•Daycare Groupings:
Knowledgeable daycare coordinators organize play groups based on their personality and traits to help ensure your dog will get the most out of their daycare experience. Daycare staff members introduce each dog into a group one by one on leash before letting them go in the group. We want to make sure each dog is comfortable with their group mates and the staff is comfortable with how the dogs are reacting to each other. If your dog does not get along with a group member, staff members will remove them from the group and attempt to place them in a different group.
•Staff Only:
If you decide your dog would prefer some one on one attention or your dog doesn't do well with other dogs we provide them with staff only daycare. Staff only dogs get out the same amount as dogs in groups, but they will get out with only a staff member and will have no interactions with other dogs. If your dog is above 6 months of age and not spayed or neutered, the state requires they not play with other dogs and your dog will be placed as staff only until they are spayed or neutered.
Siblings will be kept together in groups unless specified by the owner. Siblings can either be staff only with just each other or put into the same groups. If your dogs are of different temperaments we do recommend splitting them up in daycare so they both get the best experience.
•Senior Dogs:
We understand your older dog doesn't get around like they used to, but you still want them to be able to get out and stretch their legs while they stay with us. Your senior dog will get the attention they need with short walks, soft/gentle stretching of the legs and back, gentle back and hip massages followed by walking around the daycare rooms or playing with other senior dogs. We constantly monitor their activity to make sure they get the most out of their play sessions.
•Daycare Activities:
There are a lot of activities for your dog to participate in while playing in daycare. Your dog will enjoy wrestling with other dogs, playing with staff members, playing with an abundance of toys, pools and walks when it's nice out, playing in the snow in the winter and even working on tricks to keep your dog stimulated at all time.