Steps taken to reduce the transmission of COVID-19

· Carside service for Daycare & Spa appointments
· Clipboards & pens are disinfected after each use
· All Staff are required to disinfect their hands prior to customer interaction
· Payment is requested via telephone utilizing a credit card
· Limited Lobby availability - 1 family member allowed at Boarding dog check in
· New Customer Meet & Greet Tours are conducted via the phone
· Staff must follow 6' social distancing requirement when possible
· Staff are encouraged to wear facemasks when 6' distancing requirement is a challenge
· Staff are required to disinfect their hands & shoes upon entering the building
· Workstations and frequently used surfaces are disinfected at the beginning of each shift, during the shift & at the end of the shift.

Facemasks: Staff may be wearing facemasks while at ACK but we want to let you know when we approach your car to get your pup, staff will not be wearing a facemask. This is to make sure your dog knows who we are, it's OK we are approaching 'their' territory (car/mom or dad) & retrieving their leash to bring them inside.